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Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Shiatsu are my vocation.

Work on the human body for me has a primary objective: to further my clients, as well as myself in the development of our humanity.

The most important prerequisite for this is freedom. As soon as we are free from physical limitations, we act with more light-heartedness and grace. A flexible body that is in balance and in which we feel at ease fundamentally changes our perception of the world. Our mindset becomes more tolerant and we feel more alive and behave accordingly. This not only transforms our lives, but also our relationships with others.

I support this very individual process for each client with my knowledge and experience as well as with loving attention. My concern is to do justice to the uniqueness of each individual client as comprehensively as possible. To let the great potential of this kind of work on the human body benefit other people and to observe their development on an ongoing basis is a great fulfillment for me.


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